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Gulf of Mexico Bird Monitoring - SDM Working Group

Gulf of Mexico Bird Monitoring - SDM Working Group

Structured Decision Process to Articulate and Coordinate Bird-Habitat Monitoring across the Gulf of Mexico
How to

How to

Tips about Griffin Groups design and use
NWRA Species At Risk Phase II

NWRA Species At Risk Phase II

The purpose of this group is to assess public lands across the Southeast for their role in the conservation of at-risk species.
Patch Analyst Support Group

Patch Analyst Support Group

Download access and user support for the Patch Analyst extension for ArcGIS/ArcMap
SEARS Data Coordination

SEARS Data Coordination

Discuss and organize information about Southeast At-Risk Species data coordination


Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy
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Welcome to Griffin Groups

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Purpose: The Working Knowledge Network

Let's work together!

Griffin Groups empowers and streamlines the ways
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Griffin Groups supports your workflows the way that you and your partners want by sharing knowledge online using a suite of familiar tools through a point-and-click interface. Over the past four+ years, awareness of Griffin Groups has spread by word of mouth to be used by thousands of professionals from hundreds of institutions working together in one or more of hundreds of groups

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The Griffin Groups global workforce platform is free to use for nonprofit natural resource and cultural heritage conservation purposes. For-profit businesses are also encouraged to  contact us for pricing on customer-relationship management, business intelligence, group design, project management, site enhancements, and other assistance.


Conservation Spotlight

Request for Participation: At-risk Species Groups

 Seeking participation by subject matter experts in compiling information and data about species petitioned to be protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.


Black Rail Working Group





Sicklefin Redhorse






Green Salamander

Black Rail

Sicklefin Redhorse CCA

Green Salamander


Other species groups include:



Olive-sided Flycatcher


Canada Warbler

Red Knot roselaari

Olive-sided Flycatcher

Canada Warbler


Invitation to Join the Hero Society! 


Captain Planet Foundation invites scientists and other conservationists to join a new corps of Heroes willing to inspire and support elementary school students in helping species in need.

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