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Canada Warbler International Conservation Initiative

Canada Warbler International Conservation Initiative

A network of people interested in activities that support the conservation of the Canada Warbler (Cardellina/Wilsonia canadensis) throughout its range.
Data Management

Data Management

A nexus for information and communications about data management for conservation


A group with simple examples for how to use and add features to your groups.
How to

How to

Tips about Griffin Groups design and use
International Wood Thrush Conservation Alliance

International Wood Thrush Conservation Alliance

A group working to advance Wood Thrush conservation
Patch Analyst Support Group

Patch Analyst Support Group

Download access and user support for the Patch Analyst extension for ArcGIS/ArcMap

Admin1: GGadmin

Purpose: Collaboration platform for purpose-driven groups

Let's work together!

Griffin Groups is an easy and powerful collaboration platform 
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In general:

  • Hover over any button for a short description. 
  • Explore content across the site using the menus under the Griffin Groups logo.
  • A group name on the top of the side bar let's you know when you're posting within a group. Click the name to see the group's profile.
  • Visit the How To group for instructions and other information.

To use some features of this site, you must register and log in. Registering requires validation by email unless connecting via Google or LinkedIn.

  1. Register for Griffin Groups 
  2. Validate your registration by clicking the link in the automated email
  3. Log into Griffin Groups 
  4. Navigate to one or more groups of interest
  5. Click the "Join group" or "Request membership" button next to the group name

Read about Griffin Groups' content types:

By default, group members are sent a notification email when new content or comments are added to their groups. Learn how edit notification settings here.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Using a single log in, members can:

  • Join or start one or more purpose-driven groups
  • Explore, search, track, publish, edit, and discuss content within groups and across the site
  • Access a suite of collaboration tools for project management, document authorship, brainstorming, event tracking, call note management,  ....
  • (Net)Work with other members and search for members using the Core Conservation Competencies System (3CS).
  • Customize:
    • Read and write access to groups and content
    • Group tools and default access settings for specific purposes, branding, audiences, and other needs
    • If notifications are sent for new content and comments
  • About page
  • Visit the How To group for a general overview and links to specific information 
  • Want assistance designing a group? Email us at feedback@griffingroups.com.
  • Custom group designs starting at $250, which includes a 1 hour remote-training session with your team.