Griffin Groups is a collaboration platform for purpose-driven groups. If you are charged with writing and organizing content that helps get things done, then Griffin Groups is your cat-herding magic wand. Quickly start a group from one of several time-tested templates and then customize it to your own communication needs and aesthetics. Add content to share with group members, logged-in members, and even the public. In short, you can use Griffin Groups to:

  • Create your own social mini-networks, public or private;
  • Select which tools you want your networks to use;
  • Set the notification defaults for your group's members;
  • Invite additional group administrators to help define your group's purpose and customize the colors and layout of your group.

After you are happy with your group as a minimum viable product:

  • Invite your colleagues to help add, organize, and update group files, events, projects and other content.
  • Watch how Griffin Groups then tracks who has joined your groups and who has left so that your current members are the only ones who receive email notifications.
  • Keep your group members happy with simple tools to determine if they receive email notifications of new group content and/or comments. 
  • Visit your groups at any time to review their histories and access their content, whether or not notifications are sent.

Feel free to browse the site. For an enhanced experience, please register and log in.

This site was initially developed and is owned by Ed Laurent, PhD, and is a collaboration of Griffin Groups members. Griffin Groups is built on the free and open source Elgg social networking engine, many Elgg community provided plugins, and some custom features requested by, developed by, and/or funded by Griffin Groups members.