Griffin Groups is a collaboration platform for purpose-driven groups.

Your teams require organized communications to get things done, so Griffin Groups was built to automate many project management steps, becoming your cat-herding magic wand.

Think of your groups as tabbed sections of a multi-purpose binder, like the one you may have had as a kid for English, History, and Math classes. In this case, your Griffin Groups’ binder contains groups created for purposes like the conservation of an endangered species, providing service desks and reference materials for software, building nexuses of information about important causes, etc.

Popular group purposes are to:

  • Manage projects, from personal punch lists to crowdsourcing talent;
  • Share and archive bookmarks and files along with your descriptions of their relevance to the group’s purpose;
  • Co-author needs assessments, management plans, research papers, … ;
  • Find and ask questions of members with specific expertise;
  • Discuss new ideas and applications of knowledge.

You can use Griffin Groups to:

  • Create your own purpose-driven communications hub with the click of a button;
  • Define your group's purpose;
  • Customize group home pages by changing their colors and selecting from a variety of widgets.
  • Select which tools you want your groups to use;
  • Set the notification defaults for your group's members;
  • Invite additional group administrators to help customize your groups.

After you are happy with your group as a minimum viable product:

  • Invite group members to add, organize, and update group files, eventsprojects and other content.
  • By default you are subscribed to comment notifications on new group content. Subscribe to comments on existing group content if you want to be notified of comments on them.
  • Griffin Groups helps track of invitees and current group members.
  • Log in to visit your groups at any time, to review their histories and access their content.
  • Feel free to browse the site. For an enhanced experience, please register and log in.

Griffin Groups was initially developed and is owned by Ed Laurent, PhD, and is a collaboration of Griffin Groups members. Griffin Groups is built on the free and open source Elgg social networking engine, many Elgg community provided plugins, and some custom features requested by, developed by, and/or funded by Griffin Groups members and several of their organizations.