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By Troy Wilson 29 July 2016 @ 3:29pm

Revolutionizing Knowledge Sharing for the Conservation of Birds

A training workshop opportunity at the NAOC 2016

Tuesday August 16th 8am-4pm

Do you want to…?

  • use a stable data management system to access and manage your bird monitoring data from anywhere?
  • contribute to broad scale studies by sharing your data with the larger bird conservation community?
  • discover how to use the conservation assessment tools that have been developed through various bird conservation partnerships like Partners in Flight?
  • employ powerful tools to analyze and understand your data to help you make better conservation decisions?

If yes, then please consider joining us for a exciting opportunity at NAOC 2016!

NOTE: Online registration deadline is this Sunday July 31st but you may also register on-site.

Our aim is to provide you with:

  • familiarity with the process and products of bird conservation vulnerability assessment as exemplified by the Avian Conservation Assessment Database (ACAD, originally the Partners in Flight Species Assessment Database)
  • examples of how species assessment products can be used to establish species conservation priorities at different geographic scales and for different objectives
  • an understanding of the data management cycle and concepts of data sharing and the philosophy of using knowledge of birds and their habitats to inform decisions
  • a working knowledge of the Avian Knowledge Network (AKN) and examples of how to use the AKN nodes to accomplish bird conservation or monitoring objectives

Feedback from participants will be used to identify needs for improvements and to help prioritize future datasets, analytics, or decision support tools that would expand the practical utility and conservation function of the ACAD and AKN.  Instructors: Tom Will and Troy Wilson (USFWS Migratory Bird Program)