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By William Gould 14 March 2014 @ 2:15pm Comments (1)
"EL CAMPO" - The Caribbean Atlas for Management Planning Opportunities

The Caribbean Atlas for Management Planning Opportunities, or El Campo (the countryside, in Spanish) is a new tool we are developing. It will serve as a foundation for creating and communicating current conditions and future scenarios of our land and seascapes. It will be a mechanism to explore future scenarios and develop a shared vision of risks, opportunities, and options. It will be a communication tool, an analytical tool, and a record of past, present, and potential future views and conditions of our environment.

El Campo will be an electronic Atlas (maps) that will include spatially explicit information (layers) on resources, climate, conditions, infrastructure, governance, regulations, jurisdictions, species distributions, ownership, management, protected areas, population, traditional knowledge, land uses, historical information, future scenarios, vulnerabilities, and opportunities.

The Atlas will be Dynamic, Spatially-explicit, Scientifically-based, Well-documented, Interactive, Bilingual, Terrestrial-Marine, Forward-looking, Virtual, Publically-available, Comprehensive, and Adaptive.

The Caribbean Atlas for Management Planning Opportunities will be a source of data, a way to connect and converse about potential scenarios, a place to add your knowledge, compare your vision, and assess synergies, conflicts, cumulative impacts, and sustainable futures.


William Gould, Coordinator, Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative


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