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SEARS Data Coordination

Admin1: Ed Laurent

Group members: 46

Purpose: Discuss and organize information about Southeast At-Risk Species data coordination

This group serves as a nexus for communications about SEAFWA's Southeast At-Risk Species (SEARS) Program's species groups and their status assessments. It serves as a repository of templates and other information about how the SEARS species groups were designed. This is where you should provide feedback as comments on those templates and documents. This group will also be used to "roll up" information across species groups for other uses. The consistent design of species group tables allows us to dynamically update queries for these summaries. 

Anyone is welcome to join this group to engage in discussions focusing on the the group's purpose above. Report inappropriate behavior using the link at the bottom left of any page.

Click here to read the request for participation with consolidating information about At-Risk Species - by the Wildlife Diversity Committee of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies