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International Wood Thrush Conservation Alliance

Admin1: Becky Keller

Group members: 85

Purpose: A group working to advance Wood Thrush conservation

This group is for sharing information about the Wood Thrush (Hylocichla mustelina) and member activities (research, monitoring, conservation action, etc.). The objective of this group is to halt the population decline of the Wood Thrush by 2040 by inspiring, supporting and coordinating conservation efforts throughout the range and life cycle of the Wood Thrush.

We are interested in collaboratively working on monitoring, population modeling, developing habitat & population objectives across Joint Ventures, annual cycle modeling, and discussing the potential need for and potential information gaps to developing Best Management Practices (BMP) for Wood Thrush on the breeding and wintering grounds.

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IWOTHCA Steering Committee

The IWOTHCA Steering Committee has monthly calls on the 1st Tues of each Month. Major topics: funding proposals, and better communications/engagement with the broader group

Future Meetings

No future meetings have been set. There has been some discussion about an early 2016 meeting at Cornell, and/or piggybacking on another meeting in 2016. We would like to have a Wintering Grounds Workshop at some point and are pursuing funding.


Wood Thrush Side Meeting at NE/SE PIF

Virginia Beach, VA

Monday, Oct 6th 2014, 1-5pm

 AGENDA (new!)

WOTH Conservation Planning Meeting I

Mar 31-Apr 1, 2014


Breeding Grounds Habitat Lit Review

Priority Species that overlap with WOTH