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Canada Warbler International Conservation Initiative

Canada Warbler International Conservation Initiative

A network of people interested in activities that support the conservation of the Canada Warbler (Cardellina/Wilsonia canadensis) throughout its range.
Data Management

Data Management

A nexus for information and communications about data management for conservation


A group with simple examples for how to use and add features to your groups.
How to

How to

Tips about Griffin Groups design and use
International Wood Thrush Conservation Alliance

International Wood Thrush Conservation Alliance

A group working to advance Wood Thrush conservation

Admin1: Ed Laurent

Purpose: A group with simple examples for how to use and add features to your groups.

Please visit the "How to" group prior to creating your own group.

When you first add a group, there will be little information on the group page other than the description that you added, the buttons on the right, and the "Quick tips" widget below.

The buttons on the side bar are your primary means to navigate the group and add content to it. Some buttons are available only to you, the group creator and administrator. These group administrator buttons allow you to mail all the members of the group and manage join requests (for closed groups). If you click the "Edit Group" button above the group description, another button will appear on the right that allows you to manage which other groups are listed as "Related groups". This related group function is one-way (it is not reciprocated): any related groups will not list yours as related unless they add yours as a related group.

Clicking the "Edit group" button will also allow you to change the options you selected when you created your group. Another feature that is available when you edit the group is an "Other options" tab that will allow you to change the administration/ownership of the group to another group member.

Below the group description is another button that only you can see: "Add widgets". Widgets are information boxes that you can place on your page to display text and the latest content added to your group. Use widgets sparingly! While you can add a lot of information to your group page using widgets, you may overwhelm your group members with information. Focus on those widgets that provide the content most important to your group as a whole. Remember that group members (and other people if the group is public) can navigate through your group's content using the standard features of group buttons on the right sidebar.

This widget allows you to post HTML formatted text. See:

How to use the Free HTML widget

This widget allows you to add a tabbed text area. Create multiple tabs, name them, and add free text in this box on each tab.


Some existing groups provide good examples of how groups can be organized:

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