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Eastern Avian Knowledge Network (EAKN)

Admin1: Troy Wilson

Group members: 70

Purpose: Forum of the Eastern U.S. node of the Avian Knowledge Network

The Eastern Avian Knowledge Network is the Eastern U.S. regional node of the Avian Knowledge Network. It is a partnership of people, institutions, and government agencies supporting the conservation of birds and their habitats based on data, the adaptive management paradigm, and the best available science. AKN partners act to improve awareness, purpose, access to, and use of data and tools at scales ranging from individual locations to administrative regions (e.g., management areas, states, countries) and species ranges.

This Griffin Group is a workspace for archiving files and discussions about the Eastern AKN node and collaborating on documents. We will have EAKN calls on an as needed basis to discuss steps.

The Eastern Avian Data Center (EADC) is a product of the Eastern Avian Knowledge Network. It is a website that provides access to many tools, including those to upload, integrate, and download bird monitoring data, visualize and query data on maps, and summarize bird data within specified locations and time periods.

Information about the Avian Knowledge Network and the EADC website:

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