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Reddish Egret Working Group

Admin1: Troy Wilson

Group members: 38

Purpose: The Reddish Egret Working Group seeks to develop, support, and implement rangewide research and management efforts that promote the conservation of Reddish Egret and their habitats through individual and partnership-based initiatives guided by recommendations of the Working Group's membership.

This group is for sharing information about the Reddish Egret working group efforts and member activities (planning, research, monitoring, conservation action, etc.). The objective of this group is to inspire, support and coordinate conservation effort throughout the range the Reddish Egret.

The vision established for the Reddish Egret Conservation Action Plan is that the distribution, diversity, and abundance of populations and habitats of breeding, migratory, and nonbreeding Reddish Egrets are sustained or restored in appropriate current, transitional and future habitats of the Americas.