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Patch Analyst Support Group

Patch Analyst Support Group

Download access and user support for the Patch Analyst extension for ArcGIS/ArcMap
Data Management

Data Management

A nexus for information and communications about data management for conservation
Canada Warbler International Conservation Initiative

Canada Warbler International Conservation Initiative

A network of people interested in activities that support the conservation of the Canada Warbler (Cardellina/Wilsonia canadensis) throughout its range.
International Wood Thrush Conservation Alliance

International Wood Thrush Conservation Alliance

A group working to advance Wood Thrush conservation


A group with simple examples for how to use and add features to your groups.
  • How to
  • Griffin Groups' Content Types


  • Description: A means to offer commentary, make an announcement, or other outreach. Commenting is possible but not expected.
  • Differentiators:
    • Commenting can be turned off
    • Drafts can be saved and are only visible by the author until the blog is published.
    • A history of revisions to published blogs are maintained but can only be reviewed by the blog’s author.


  • Description: A means to add a URL and describe why it is relevant to you or the group. This is a useful content type for organizing hyperlinks to resources on Griffin Groups and across the web in a way that can be searched without needing to know the context of why the bookmark was added.
  • Differentiators: 
    • Provides a field for the bookmarked URL


  • Description: A group or profile calendar that can be viewed as a grid or list of events to describe something that happens within a specified time period. All of your group and profile events are listed on your profile calendar (log in required).
  • Differentiators:
    • Structured format with commonly used fields to describe events
    • Date ranges are required
    • iCal feeds for dynamic syncing with personal calendar software (e.g., Outlook, Google Calendar)
    • Reminders can be set to send notifications prior to the event time.
    • A check box can be clicked when editing an event to resend a notification to all group members informing them of the changes.
    • Additional calendars can be added and customized via the right side bar on your profile calendar.


  • Description: A means for providing feedback and/or having a conversation on content.
  • Differentiators:
    • Available on most other content types.
    • Can be added via email by responding to a notification of new content or a comment.
    • Cannot be edited – otherwise changes could alter the context of subsequent comments.


  • Description: Similar to an email thread, discussions provide a means to start a conversation or share information with others who have access to the discussion.
  • Differentiators:
    • Cannot be edited – otherwise changes could alter the context of comments.


  • Description: Add Google Drive documents to your groups and profile using a Griffin Groups account.
  • Differentiators:
    • Documents are editable in real-time by multiple members
    • Settings determine who can view and who can edit the documents
    • Documents are displayed as embedded pdfs unless being edited
    • Documents can be added to personal Drives by clicking the button to open the document in a new window and then clicking File -> Add to folder...

FAQs and Help

  • Description: Information to help Griffin Groups’ users understand how to use the features of the site. Group FAQs can also be implemented by group administrators to override the default FAQs.
  • Differentiators:
    • Provide context sensitive support information linked to specific content types and actions.
    • Accessible through the Support button on the left side of every page and the site Help menu.
    • Group FAQs are accessible by a button on the right side bar if implemented by group administrators. Adding group FAQs is often not necessary.


  • Description: A means for uploading a file to Griffin Groups for archival and/or to provide access to others.
    • There is no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded.
    • File size is limited to 20 Mb per file. This limit can be raised if it is found to be too restrictive, but most files shared on GG are smaller than this limit and there are other services that better support data sharing and other large files. In particular, data should be stored in repositories dedicated to that purpose (e.g., ScienceBase, Avian Knowledge Network, Data Basin) so that Griffin Groups can be used to focus on communications, collaboration, and the organization of information through hyperlinks, rss feeds, web services, etc.
    • See: How to consider copyright laws and their importance to you and Griffin Groups
  • Differentiators:
    • Supported file types are embedded in their pages via a hook with Google docs
    • Can be downloaded


  • Description: The people who have registered to participate in the Griffin Groups community and use its tools.
  • Differentiators:
    • Have profiles that can be customized with widgets.
    • Can be searched by 3CS options and filtered by distance from administrative and duty location zip codes.
    • Have dashboards for organizing information within Griffin Groups and across the web
    • The list of Griffin Groups members is only accessible when logged in but individual profiles can be found through web searches (similar to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).


  • Description: A means to collaboratively author a web page and update information over time. Pages are often used to create a table of contents with links to other content within the group or across the web.
  • Differentiators:
    • Can be edited by other members.
    • A history of revisions is maintained.
    • Page navigation tree available at the bottom of the right side bar.
    • Sub-pages allow for the organization of nested pages.


  • Description: Member and group avatars and image files added as photos.
    • There is no limit to the number of images that can be uploaded.
    • Images have the following file size limits:
      • 5 Mb
      • 3000 pixels wide
  • Differentiators:
    • Image is displayed.
    • Photo galleries can be created to organize images.
    • Note 1: The plugin used for image management will soon be swapped out for a newer one that is less buggy, more aesthetically pleasing, and provides more options for describing images and galleries. All existing images will be imported when that change is made.


  • Description: A means to describe and vote on a set of options.
  • Differentiators:
    • Tallies votes by option
    • Voters are displayed in activity feeds but their selections are anonymous


  • Description: A form for describing projects, including their participants, timelines, budgets, as well as pinned content and sub-projects.  Projects were custom designed to address the common request by Griffin Groups’ members for sub-groups, and are a hybrid of groups and pages .
  • Differentiators:
    • Structured format with customizable settings for describing projects.
    • Pinned (sub)projects allow for hierarchical organization of projects and their workflows.
    • Invitation system for group members (groups) or contacts (member profiles)
    • Maintain a history of edits and membership changes
    • Allow other content and projects to be pinned to them.

Support tickets

  • Description: A means for communicating with the site administrators to ask questions, report bugs, request enhancements, etc.
  • Differentiators:
    • Accessible through the Support button on the left side of every page and the Help menu.
    • Organize interactions with site administrators

Example of a pinned project with default widgets in the Example group

By Ed Laurent 2 October 2014 @ 2:46am
This project was created via the "New pinned project" button that allows a site member to add a new project and automatically pin it to the previous project where the button was clicked. I'm also adding "(Estimated)" and actual values for some of...