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Every effort is being made to protect your security and privacy, and we will continue improving on security and privacy over time as we learn about new methods, requirements, and needs. Our goal is to make this site as secure, and preferably more secure, than federal standards and online banking. Griffin Groups is hosted by ArckCloud in a secure data center located in the United States on ArckCloud owned equipment. ArckCloud complies with best practices regarding data and security that meet or exceed FISMA standards.

Griffin Groups offers access restrictions for all personal information, groups, and content. Only persons with site administrative privledges (i.e., those who manage Griffin Groups in its entirety) have the ability to access information outside these access restrictions, and do so only for site management purposes. Access restrictions set by Griffin Groups members will always be honored by Griffin Groups administrators and ArckCloud staff, except when needed for site management purposes.

  • Access to all personal information, except user name, is controlled by the member who adds it. 
  • Access to all content is controlled by the member who saves it.
  • Access to comments is controlled by the member who saves the content that the comment is about.
  • Access to group homepages are controlled by group administrators.

With this said, we cannot guarantee security and privacy. While we will do our best to maintain and improve on these security and privacy restrictions in perpetuity, assume that any content can be accessed.