Carrie Radcliffe

Job title: Restoration Coordinator, Safeguarding Database Manager, SePPCon Coordinator
Company: Atlanta Botanical Garden/ Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance
Duty Station Zip Code: 30525
Administrative Zip Code: 30309
Contact emailCRadcliffe@AtlantaBG.org

Core Conservation Competencies System (3CS)

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Group membership

  • NWRA Species At Risk Phase II

    NWRA Species At Risk Phase II

    The purpose of this group is to assess public lands across the Southeast for their role in the conservation of at-risk species.
  • Biodiversity Safeguards Ecosystems Infrastructure

    Biodiversity Safeguards Ecosystems Infrastructure

    Safeguarding multiscale biodiversity impacted by building civil infrastructure, linear developments, railroads, highways, power transmission lines, mining sites, hydros, ports, renewable energy, smart cities, forestry carbon credits, and corporate environmental sustainability through business and biodiversity offsets.
  • SEARS Lobed Barren-strawberry

    SEARS Lobed Barren-strawberry

    Organize information and collaborate on research and management of Lobed Barren-strawberry (Waldsteinia lobata).
  • SEARS Swamp Buckthorn

    SEARS Swamp Buckthorn

    Swamp Buckthorn (Sideroxylon thornei).
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